About us

WAJIAR provides a multidisciplinary forum for the publication of original research and technical
papers, short communications, state-of-the-art developments in Information and communications
technology, bio-medical informatics, computers, mathematics, control and information technology,
physics, industrial electronics and engineering, Industrial chemistry, general technology, rocketry, space
and astronomy, earth science, oceanography and the environment with special emphasis on the
application of communications and information technology to these fields of importance in our modern
civilization. The journal will review papers on advances, techniques, practice and application of
information and communications technology in these areas.

• Economics, Statistics and Mathematic
• Information Technology & Applications
• Electronics and Computer Engineering
• Computer networks, Satellite & communications Engineering Research
• Industrial Computer applications Today
• Computer and Electro-Mechanical Maintenance
• GPRS and Remote Sensing
• Robotics ,Telemedicine & Remote Medical Monitoring
• Artificial Intelligence & Expert Systems Development & Applications
• Developments in Forensic Science Research
• Information Assurance & Network Security: The African Dilemma
• Space Information Systems & Rockery : which way for Africa
• Video and Teleconferencing Innovations for Deployment in Africa
• Telecommunications Technology & 4G Applications
• Biotechnology
• Agriculture , Food Technology & Processing Environmental Technology & Impact Analysis
• E-Waste Management & Environmental Protection
• Management Science & Operations Research
• Wireless Technology, GSM and 4G Applications
• Alternative ,Grid and Green Energy Solutions for Africa
• Converting Academic Research in Tertiary Institutions for Industrial Production
• Nano Technology

WAJIAR is an international Journal of Science and Technology and is published quarterly in February,
May, August and December.

Key Objectives
provide avenue for the advancement, dissemination of scientific and technology research in the fields of
science and technology with special emphasis on the deployment of Information & Communications
Technology as an enabler and solution tool.

Two versions of the journal will be published quarterly (electronic version posted in the web and
hardcopy version.