West African Journal of Industrial & Academic Research Vol.20 No.2. – August 31, 2019

  • Page 4:Intelligent agent-based fraud detection and Prevention model for financial InstitutionsBekee S. Y and Osuagwu O. E.
  • Page 18:Health Information and Health Communication Technology: Impacts and Implications Grace O. Onyeabor, O Babatunde B. Olofin, Oluchi A. Olofin, Justina N. Ejim, Chukwuemeka P. Emeh
  • Page 33:A Survey of Software Cost Estimation ModelsJohn Ndubuise Ngene, Oliver Osuagwu and Babatunde Olofin
  • Page 40:The Role of ICT in Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) – Ugwuanyi Fidelis Onyebu , Datti Useni Emmanuel and Gokir Justin Ali
  • Page 49:Awareness on Effects of Tobacco use on Oral Health among Undergraduates of Applied Biology and BiotechnologyEnugu State University of Science and Technology, Agbani, Enugu State Ngwu, J. N.; Nnaji, C. E.; Onumadu A. B.; Ohadoma, A. N.; and Obeta, J.C.
  • Page 59:Deploying Health Information Systems in Nigeria’s Health Institutions: Prospects and ChallengesJustina N. Ejim, Babatunde B. Olofin , Oluchi A. Olofin, Grace O. Onyeabor, and Chukwuemeka P. Emeh
  • Page 71: Prevalence of Dental Caries among HIV Positive Adult Patients attending General Hospital Billiri, Billiri Local Government Area, Gombe StateNgwu, J. N.; Emaimo, J.; Yila, D.; and Obeta, J.C.
  • Page 79: A Survey of recent AI FruitsJohn Ndubuisi Ngene
  • Page 84:Resolving Information Conflicts in the Health Sector: ICT’s PerspectiveChukwuemeka P. Emeh, Babatunde B. Olofin, Oluchi A. Olofin, Grace O. Onyeabor, & Justina N. Ejim
  • Page 90: Design and construction of an Expert System for Diagnosis and Treatment of HIV/AIDsJohn Ndubuisi Ngene

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